Top 6 Best Baby Walkers in India 2021

Your baby’s first step is undoubtedly the most special moment in your life. This is the most impressive thing you will witness as a parent. The wobbling does not last forever, and you would not be able to protect them from everything. There will be times when you will have to let some bruises and bumps take place. If you wish to lessen its amount, then consider purchasing a baby walker. These are useful for getting the baby start prepping for walking.

The baby walkers will not only help them keep a sane balance but also learn the art of walking with their baby steps. In their early months, providing her with a walking assistant helps in moving around an exploring better. Move no further as the best walking assistant for a baby is indeed the baby walker.

Not all baby start walking at the same time. While some may take a year, some might even take more than a year which is absolutely normal. These walkers come in bright, vibrant colours comprising of musical toys that help capture the baby’s attention. A toy tray is also present that one can conveniently convert into dining tray during mealtimes.

We have evaluated various baby walkers and have on the basis of durability, safety, stability, user friendly, portability, and other factors and concluded the following.

Best Baby Walkers in 2021:

Reviews of the best baby walkers:

1) Joovy Spoon Walker

At times simple is just the right choice, and it is a part of the best walkers available. This walker is quite basic and simple; however, ranks as one of the best ones available in the market. It does not have any toys or noise; however, does have a large tray that makes it easy for you to customize the way your baby likes. Get your toys to stick to the tray and fill it with some healthy, delicious snacks.

Popping it up open is easy and takes a stylish and sleek shape and size. These come with simple colours along with contemporary lines and do not compromise on the features. The tray is large and is wrapped around the side of the baby. This increases the safety level by making it difficult to reach things to the right or left.

This walker is available in 5 distinct colours that are not an eyesore at home. It is highly convenient as it can be folded very easily. Thus, it is also very travel-friendly where it can be easily carried from one place to another, thus being portable enough. Further, the seat is machine washable, therefore extremely easy and convenient to use.


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2) Baby Einstein Baby Neptune

This baby Einstein walker is again one of the best walkers available for babies offering support in a myriad of different ways. It will get difficult for anybody not to love the themed look of the walker as it is unique from that of the rest. It comes with bright green and blue colour having the cutest sea creature toys attached to it.

This walker enhances the walking ability of the baby with them trying to take their initial steps. This walker is strong that provides robust support to babies learning to walk. The toy loops are fun for the infant and also convenient for the parents with the little ones staying busy with toys.

The walker is equipped to make ocean sounds and even lights up that keep a baby entertained. It comes with a built-in elliptical shape that provides a stable platform. Little ones can avail all the extra support possible from the baby walker. With one of the highest seat backings available out of all walkers, this baby walker is sure to win hearts.

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3) Fisher Price Zebra Walker

This specialized walker is undoubtedly the ultimate learning hub for babies. Your baby will start playing with the walker much before they can even stand by merely sitting in front of it while getting familiar with noises, toys, and buttons. With them beginning to stand and take baby steps, they will soon love the encouraging noises and phrases that the walker makes to keep the babies motivated.

The activities are good for aiding baby to practice motor skills while playing and sitting. The zebra helps to teach 123s, ABCs while encouraging the little ones to continue taking their first steps. The walker comes with sturdy wheels that help the babies to lean on the handle without any worry. There is also enough space available in the back, helping them to walk and waddle without catching the toes that are ideal for the wobbly legs. Additionally, it is lightweight and thus can be easily moved from one place to the other.

It can be put together easily that takes only a few minutes. Thus, this walker is excellent for small tots that help grab their attention and also curiosity. The zebra design intends to grab the attention of the babies.

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4) VTech sit-to-stand learning walker review

For those of you who wish to avail a sit-to-stand walker, the VTech is the most popular one. The front board is filled with various attention-grabbing things to play with. It also makes animal sounds that make it interesting for the babies to be engaged with. The walker further comes with an in-built piano that is fun to play with.

Your little one is going to love to pull them up and easily push it around. It is extremely sturdy, and no longer do you need to worry much about the little one tipping over while walking. This is a unique walker offering infants with increased flexibility and authority to learn while walking. It pushes from the back, just like an actual adult will and provides the required support while walking and standing. It gives them the flexibility to pick themselves up and walk on their own pace.

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This walker is completely different from the rest as it is a walker that is a jungle themed one. The babies will probably wish to play with removable toy stations even while they are not in the walker. It is made extremely compact that is easy to store. The cloth seat is easy to wash and comes with an easily adjustable bar to help alter the height.

The walker comes with the most eye-catching feature that has an extremely adorable and attractive design. Your baby is going to love the vibrant colours and stylish design. Its interactive feature is popular among babies. It has an impressive and charming design while retaining an emphasis on stability, safety, and support.

The forest themed walker has been built to deliver utmost convenience to the parents and offers a progressive experience to the growth of the babies. It has been effectively built with growth, progression, and enjoyable features in mind that ensures the walker to become your best friend in their growth.

The walker features several things that are useful for you and your little one. This includes a brain-powering entertainment game system helping you to train the young child’s brain to stimulate and develop them with sensory and dainty toys. It further sports an adorable steering wheel that promises to entice the baby to explore more using their adventure skills. Stimulate the young child’s mind by stimulating interactive sounds in the mind of the young child. These features are sure to delve them further into the wondrous universe of walking.

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6) Plan Toys Baby Walker

Plan toys create the best and safest toys possible for the little ones with the help of organic rubber wood, nonformaldehyde glue, and water-based nontoxic dyes. The walker is designed in the shape of a car and thus is ideal for baby boys. It comes with 24 coloured wooden blocks. The blocks are the perfect size to grasp and play with. The toys are well executed and of high quality that keeps babies busy for a good amount of time and helps parents do their work with ease.

The walker is made with sustainable and eco friendly wood materials. The cross baby walker is created using primary basic colours and wooden construction. This construction delivers an adorable look with good craftsmanship. The walker promotes safety where the rubber trim present on the wooden wheels helps in protecting the floors while preventing sideways from sliding. There is also a xylophone present that makes great interesting music for the babies to feel entertained.

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Baby Walker Buying Guide: Things to Remember

There is a lot of debate about baby walkers. Some believe that it might injure the baby while others find it entertaining for the baby. So before buying one, you should have your hands on the buying guide so that you buy the best baby walker that is out in the market. 

  • Should be user friendly:  First of all, you should buy a baby walker that can operate easily. It shouldn’t be heavy or such that cause too much friction on the ground. Your baby must enjoy sitting on that walker. So a user-friendly baby walker can be an advantage. The walkers that cause friction while on the ground are prone to accidents. This might discourage your baby from sitting on it. 
  • Broad-Based walker: Select a baby walker that has a broad base. This prevents the baby from falling. A broad base will give baby support while walking. It will prevent him/her from getting through doorways. That will keep the baby safe in one room.
  • Safety first: When buying baby walker safety should at the utmost priority. Look for safety features installed in the baby walker like wheel locks or safety belts. This will protect the baby from accidents. 
  • Non-hazardous material: The skin of an infant is very sensitive. So keeping that in mind, you should buy the best quality baby walker. Buying baby walkersthat are made up of non-toxic materials will do the job. It should have non-toxic paint on it. Or else, there might be rashes or some other effects on the skin. The walker should non-hazardous overall. 
  • Comfort of the baby: The comfort of the baby should not be compromised while buying a walker. So avoid buying baby walkers that have uneven edges or rough stitches on the seat. This will result in an unhappy experience, and the baby will not further sit on the walker. 
  • Adjustable height: The baby walker must be so that you can use it in the long run. So buying anadjustable baby walkeris a great choice. With the baby’s growing height, you can use adjust the height of the walker. 
  • Portability: Portable baby walkers are an extra benefit. You might have to carry the baby walker every time you travel to someplace. So buying a foldable baby walker can help in carrying it and also saves space.

Baby walkers: Are they safe?

Baby walkers are great for entertaining and distracting the baby. But they have major drawbacks. The pattern of muscle development is often correlated with mental development. So putting a baby or a toddler on a baby walker before he is mentally prepared to walk disturbs his mobile development. This leads to injuries. Along with this, the real problem occurs when parents misuse baby walkers. Most parents put their baby in a baby walker and feel free to look away. This can be dangerous. So if you really need a baby walker to make sure you try to abide by the guide so that your baby remains safe while in the walker.


These above-mentioned baby walkers are thus the best transitional development toys that help support the transition from standing to walking of babies.

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